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Open Thread: Game 110 - A's at Kansas City

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Put on your sombrero, bring out your Derek Jeter pinata, and sip a Margarita with us...It's the first ever Casa de Batgirl and it's going to be Ay-yai-yai-popping! Check out the menu for the 2:00pm barbecue:

  • grilled Palmeiro
  • half-baked Krueger
  • battered Bueno with glazed cameraman
  • extremely fresh Yabu
  • lady fingers on a pair of toasted Huston Street buns
Then at 4:00pm, Joe Blanton (guess which menu item he chose) faces off against a man with plenty of loco but little to back it up this year so far: Jose Lima (4-9, 6.58 ERA). A WHIP of 1.65? 23 HRs in 116.1 innings? Now that's loco!

Because I'll be at batgirl's casa, and because batgirl's most modern communication device is a chisel and stone, I've opened up several game threads for you to roll around and play with throughout the game--when a thread hits 200 comments, go to the next one. Then I'll be back, staggering drunk (and thus probably more coherent than usual), for the post-game wrap up. Adios for now, amigos!

The starting lineups:

Senor Kendall
Senor Kotsay
Senor Crosby
Senor Chavez
Senor Johnson
Senor Payton
Senor Swisher
Senor Kielty
Senor Ellis

Senorita DeJesus
Senorita Ambres
Senorita Sweeney
Senorita Stairs
Senorita Brown
Senorita Teahen
Senorita Berroa
Senorita Buck
Senorita Murphy