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Just A Royal Scare

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Today's game represents a lot of what I love about baseball, and what I think separates it from other sports. Here's a Kansas City team on a 7-game losing streak, carrying the American League's worst record overall, hosting an A's team that is hot, confident, and seemingly seamless these days. But in baseball, no matter how it looks on paper, from day to day you can never know what you're in for--and that's why you have to watch. The Royals matched the A's pitch for pitch, and missed cut-off man for missed cut-off man, until the Royals' bullpen imploded faster than the A's could stray off third base. Put one in the "bullets dodged" ledger for the A's, and be sure to thank Mr. Beane for bringing Kennedy and Witasick over just in the nick, or Joe, or Jay, of time.

Editor's Note - Earlier today, Blez put up a thread (below) regarding AN's Community Guidelines, and related new procedures for community monitoring. If you have not seen this thread, please make sure to look at it, as the new system is now in effect.