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Revisiting Blanton

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Not to embarrass anyone, myself including, but I wanted to revisit the Joe Blanton prediction thread.

Blanton's stats are currently:

W-L: 8-9
ERA: 3.61
K: 87
BB: 56

What's been surprising, at least to me, is that Blanton has walked a lot more people than I thought he would. I always thought of him as a control pitcher.

But take a look at his ERA from month-to-month and my fear that he'd be too taxed down the stretch has proven unfounded so far as he is just getting better.

April: 2.67
May: 13.25
June: 2.06
July: 4.44
August: 0.95

Blanton's has been relatively consistent all season long, especially if you throw out May.

But take a look at that old thread and see if you were on track for what Smokin' Joe has done so far this season.