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Mac Tonight

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Huston...we have no problem because Ronnie Mac is in the house.

This was playoff baseball, folks. The starting pitching couldn't have been better, even though the A's repeatedly stung balls from Shrek hard they were always right at defenders.

But the beautiful part about this, honestly, is Huston Street closing the door on Guerrero. All day, ESPN and the pundits talked about how the Angels bullpen has been here and Street and company would collapse. Yet Street stared down the Angels most dangerous hitter and didn't blink.

I do take issue with several of Macha's moves tonight though. First, pinch running for who is arguably the A's best hitter right now in Dan Johnson. I can't stand it when managers do this. It isn't like DJ is Bengie Molina, folks. He has average speed and certainly enough if he knew that Hatteberg was going to bunt.

Then Macha asks Hatteberg to bunt and he hasn't had a sacrifice in about a year. I want to thank Ronnie Mac and Street for saving my toes though because if Bynum's spot in the lineup came up, I would've been kicking anything and everything.

Regardless, it's a beautiful result and the worst the A's can do now in this series is wind up tied for first. Celebrate the win, but there is much worse news on the injury front.

The Harden news is very troubling because no slight against Joe Kennedy or Juan Cruz, but they are no Rich Harden.

And thank fate (or the A's front office) for Jay Payton because Mark Kotsay's back is acting up again and he's back in the Bay Area. On a day when the A's secured a huge win, they also suffered possibly two key losses.

Regardless, treat yourselves to a super sized meal tonight because it's Mac Tonight, baby.