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Big Series Open Thread

Folks, I figured there was so much happening that we could use an open thread. Plus, the discussion leading up to tomorrow night's game could last several threads.

It appears Bellhorn is going to the Yankees according to the Ken Rosenthal. Who could blame him in wanting to somehow stick it to his former team? But I would've liked to have added Bellhorn for depth. He may strike out a lot, but he's always been a high OBP guy and we know how Billy loves that.

Also, is there trouble with the Dodgers and DePodesta? Is that Slimfast-toting, loud-mouth Lasorda trying to run DePo out of town? If so, I imagine Billy would happily welcome Paul back in a heartbeat.

By the way, how great was it that Nick Swisher hit that home run while being sick? Talk about manning up.

Topics are open, folks.