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Walk This Way

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Walk this way, ladies and gentlemen. Back into first place, that is. Thanks to a Tampa Devil Rays sweep and the Orioles walking 11...yep, 11 A's batters, the A's are now back in first place by a half game.

This team should be called Team Resurrection. It's dead, then alive, then dead, then alive again. The thing is, I think the A's actually thrive on being written off because it's when they play their best.

Today, Scott Hatteberg was resurrected himself. He had three hits, two walks and a home run. Jay Payton had another two hits. And apparently the shortstop for the A's is due to hit a home run every game because Scutaro followed Crosby's lead the last couple of games.

By the way, all A's five starting pitchers now have an ERA under 4.00. That also includes Joe Kennedy, the A's sixth starter who has 2.74 ERA since joining the Athletics.

The A's are also likely sending Ron Flores back to Sacramento. Freddie Bynum is the rumored call-up. We shall see.

The A's are guaranteed to at least be tied for first place on Tuesday for the series opener in Anaheim. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!!!