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Hello, I Love You

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Hello, offense. Nice to see you again. I hope you had a nice little vacation, went somewhere nice and were able to relax. We really missed your productivity while you were away. You certainly came back with a vengeance. But seriously, can you slow down a little bit? Save something for Baltimore and then Anaheim?

Jason Kendall apparently doesn't like sitting, but it did our catcher some good to take a day off. Ken Macha is going to have to be a little more forceful in sitting Kendall. So what if it makes him grouchy, but today, the guy appeared rejuvenated, going 3-5 and scoring two runs and even getting an RBI. But really, everyone appeared to have awakened today. Dan Johnson went 2-5 with his 11th home run. Kotsay also has had a steady couple of days and Payton hit another home run. And how about Mark Ellis hitting a leadoff homer last night and then hitting another one in his first at-bat in the ninth hole today.

Barry Zito wasn't his best today, but he shut out the Tigers for six innings with a well-timed double play and six strikeouts. After 32 pitches in the first inning, I consider it a victory that he lasted as long as he did.

So the A's scored 20 runs in two games and now head onto Baltimore who just had its way with the A's in Oakland. The A's will have to make due with either Kennedy or Cruz for a start in Baltimore. Let's get payback, folks.

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!!!