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Yankee Arrogance

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If there is any wonder why people all over the country unite in their distaste for the Yankees, just read one of New York's columnists. It isn't as though he's wrong per se, but the arrogance dripping from his mouth is as revolting as any sight-gag from Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

Anyone really want to beat the Yankees even more than before? I think Billy was right, I need to stop reading this crap.

Here are the highlights involving the A's:

18. Torre may not be the greatest game-day manager going. But it's hard to imagine him being outdone by the likes of Cleveland's Eric Wedge (no offense to you Wedge fans out there) down the stretch.
  1. Or Oakland's Ken Macha.
  2. Or even Minnesota's Ron Gardenhire.

I'm not saying that Macha is better than Joe Torre (far from it), but look at what these other managers have to work with roster-wise. It just isn't the same as the $200 million New York hired guns. At least offensively.

Here's another:

21. The Yankees are much more experienced than their competitors. This isn't the 1998 Yankees, but there are still nine players with 26 winning World Series rings.

They're also a lot OLDER, which could increase their chances of breaking down over the final weeks. They've already been injury-prone all season long (Harden injuries notwithstanding).

And finally:

23. No team will admit to being psyched out by the Yankees. But if any team is psyched out, it's the Twins.
  1. If any city is psyched out by the Yankees, it's Cleveland.
  2. The A's, while outperforming expectations every year, also are in that vast group of teams that roll over for the Yankees when it counts.

You better get the A's to roll over again this year because your older, broken-down roster and barren farm system isn't going to help you in the future Yanks.