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Oakland A's: Streakbusters

Warning: Venting Ahead, Next 4 paragraphs

After a game like this, it's hard to know whether to take shots at everyone available or to get exceedingly philosophical. It's a tough call, but since I'm of the "exceedingly philosophical" personality type, and "it's a long season, things ebb and flow, blah blah blah" makes for pretty dull reading, let me say a few things from the side of me that is feeling more disgust than hope right now.

  • Once again, the A's go into a continued hitting funk and Adam Melhuse rots on the bench, his last 11 left-handed at bats still yielding 7 hits, two for the distance. Scott Hatteberg, acknowledged to be playing at less than 100% health, is hung out to dry, Jason Kendall muscles up soft bloops that just can't find holes in the 7-man infield alignment, and the A's can only dent the scoreboard when an inning-ending DP ball just isn't hit hard enough to stop a run from scoring.
  • I don't mind prolonged slumps, which happen to every hitter, and I don't mind Ellis being overmatched by relievers with great arms. What I mind is stupidity, and that's what I see from Bobby Crosby. Swing too hard and miss? Swing harder--that'll help. Need a couple strikeouts and a few ground balls to the left side? Croz is your man, because he and everyone who watches the A's knows his success lies in a short right-center field stroke. I don't particularly want Crosby moved out of the 3-hole, because I don't want to watch stupidity in any part of the order either. Sit his allegedly cute ass down until he wants to hit properly. Please?
Granted, tonight's failure was a team effort, as evidenced by the 0/13 RISP stat, and granted luck played a part with Emil Brown's key bloop double contrasting with two line drive outs off Swisher's bat. In that sense, I don't mean to pick on individuals for what is a team funk. This game did nothing to suggest that the A's are ready for prime time; maybe tomorrow's game will. Of course, in my ventapalooza, I'm taking shots tonight at guys I've defended a lot throughout the season. Why? Because I call `em as I see `em, no more no less.