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After watching this team over this past 40 games in which it has gone 33-7, you have to start wondering, does this team have a weakness?

Billy Beane solidified the bullpen with Witasick. It now has three quality set-up men for Huston Street in Calero, Witasick and Duchscherer.

Beane added to the outfield depth and defensive abilities by adding Payton. The A's starting pitching is now possibly seven deep if you include Kennedy and Juan Cruz.

The offense still strikes me as the only possible part of the team that could go dormant again. But I don't think it will. A team that was once dead last in the majors in many different offensive categories has managed to crawl to the middle of the pack since Crosby's return.

Oh and the A's have won their 60th game in their 106th contest. I'm thinking they're going to break Ray Ratto's infamous prediction. Don't you?

Back to transcribing. Sorry for the delay, folks. I've been sick for a while now and had to go see the doctor today.