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Lost Opportunity

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Yes, the A's did get royally jobbed by the umps tonight, but again, the offense didn't deliver. I bought it when people said, "But it was Santana and Silva." I even bought it when people said that Rodrigo Lopez had good games. But when you struggle against Bruce Chen, your offense is officially slumping.

The A's came close to coming back, but it was once again too little, too late. The worst part is that the Blue Jays came back to beat the Goggle Pen and the Angels and the Rays beat the Yankees on a walk-off walk. I guess I can look at it as though at least the A's didn't fall further back. But that would be too easy.

The good news is perhaps Mark Kotsay is coming out of his slump with three hits tonight.

I'm going to the game tomorrow, so I've got to hit the sack with a bad taste in my mouth, because of both the ump and the A's offense. At least the game is early tomorrow and I don't have to stew in this one too long.