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May Day

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It's only a couple of games, but this is starting to look a lot like May again. Zito was cruising tonight, but not getting much run support. Then, a couple of errors, a hit batsman, a couple of walks and boom, the A's lose. OBI syndrome. One bad inning. That was what happened to Z a bunch last year and the early part of this season.

To me, the offense looks like it may be heading toward that abyss again. Rodrigo Lopez turned the A's away repeatedly tonight without significant damage. The good news is that Bobby Crosby seemed to hit with authority once again. But both Kendall and Kotsay are mired in slumps at the top of the lineup, so when Chavez has three hits like he did tonight, they aren't producing anything.

But Macha doesn't have much of a choice. The lineup is going into a collective funk as I pointed out last night. Perhaps Ellis should be leading off right now, and when Swisher comes back from bereavement leave, he should hit second. I wouldn't want to move DJ up because I want him hitting behind Chavy right now.

It's too early to panic, but the offense needs to start generating more against pitchers with ERAs up around 5. The A's could finish the night two back of the Angels (the Jays and LAAAAAA are in the 10 as I write this). There's a ton of baseball left, but this is the easy portion of the remaining schedule for the A's. Once they get in September, there are no cupcakes (sorry Joe). So they better start to capitalize now.