ANtics - Episode IV: Kendall vs. K-Rod

The hated Louisiana (La.) Angels came to town last week, expecting a Moneyball-driven A's team to rely on walks and the three-run homer to combat the squad many had picked to run away with the AL West division. What they hadn't counted on, however, was the alertness of a tough-as-nails catcher Jason Kendall, who took advantage of a severe mental lapse on the part of Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod), who flailed at a return throw from the catcher following a quick disagreement with the umpire over balls and strikes.

A quick cloud of dust later, the A's were pounding on Kendall like a bass drum, and K-Rod was on his backside, watching the A's take first place home with them alone.

Special Feature: You can see step by step how the play unfolded, for those who may have missed the TV coverage.

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