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Open Thread: Game 116 - A's vs. Twins

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It's AN Day at the Coliseum, and in a strange and unfortunate bureaucratic snafu, the A's are retiring Dennis Eckersley's jersey instead of Tyler Bleszinksi's "Wear It" T-shirt. Still, a good time should be had by all, as the A's send Kirk Saarloos to face Joe Mays, with the A's trying to get even in a series so far dominated by pitching.

Since Blez and I will be among the scores of AN members spending the day at the ol' ball yard drinking, second-guessing Macha, drinking, complaining about every ball-strike call, imbibing alcohol, drinking, disputing the validity of each other's point of view about everything, and drinking, the mice on AN will have to play with the cats away.

This means that when a thread hits 200 comments, someone should please post a definitive "SQUEAK!!!" to signal to your fellow mice that it is time to go to the next thread...