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New A's Ballpark

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As everyone already knows, Lewis Wolff presented the A's ownership's grand vision of a new ballpark in Oakland. It's the most concrete proof that Wolff is a man of his word, unlike many who were hesitant to believe he would try and build a new stadium in Oakland.

My first reaction when seeing the design of the new stadium was love at first sight. I think it's gorgeous and has character. I could almost see the flags waving from the triangle in the left field corner, the trumpeting dude sitting in the yellow section and the Banjo Guy lounging in the pool on top of the condos/hotel (sorry for THAT image).

Any way, the stadium has so many hurdles to clear, but the initial public reaction appears positive. It also tells me that Wolff was serious when he said that he wasn't talking about a cash handout when he discussed needing public help. The logistics of getting so many different people to sell their businesses will be daunting to say the least.

But at least this new proposal is a huge step in the right direction. And I like the fact that Wolff is talking about building out the neighborhood around it. Restaurants, bars and shops would make the area a destination. It would make it someplace to hang out before or after the game. Right now, the only place to do that that's within walking distance is the parking lot for tailgaters.

But A's fans now have something that there never seemed to be under the Schott regime...hope for a future in Oakland. Enjoy the view.