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Season Series So Far: A's 3, Cuddyer 2

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First and foremost, let's tip our collective hats to Johan Santana; the A's were beaten by one of the game's elite pitchers on a night when he was on his game. It all came down to whether the A's could get one big hit in the 9th, and you could spend an eternity dissecting the nuances of the final two at bats.

  • For the second day in a row, Crosby missed a huge hit by a matter of centimeters, just foul.
  • The 2-2 pitch to Crosby was a strike, plain and simple, made K-Rod's pitch yesterday look like a pitchout in comparison. Everything after that was a gift.
  • The 3-2 pitch to Crosby: a great take by Croz. That says a lot about a guy whose recent struggles have led many to wonder whether he should be in the #3 hole right now. Maybe he should, maybe he shouldn't, but that was a great take.
  • Chavy had one real shot in his AB. It was a 1-2 fastball and he fouled it straight back.
  • Shannon Stewart and Lew Ford made contact as Ford caught the final out. The way the A's have been going, you could almost see the ball drop.
But it didn't. How far have the A's come in 3 months? They were shut out tonight, but tonight it was Johan Santana--in May, it would have been Pedro Astacio.