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Here's some fast facts to chew over:

  • The A's have won 12 straight series at home now. The last loss coming against the Yankees on May 13-15.
  • The A's are now a season-high 18 games over .500.
  • The A's are 13-1 in one run games at home compared to 6-12 in one-run games on the road, but they've won five of their last six one-run decisions on the road.
  • The A's have now tied the best 48-game stretch ever in Oakland history at 39-9. They did it three different times in 2001.
  • In general, the team has won six of the last seven, 12 of the last 14, 19 of the last 22 and 25 of the last 30.
  • The A's have now won 16 of the last 17 series and lost just one series since June 10 (Toronto).
By the way, AN Day is just one game away now and the A's are guaranteed to at least share first place going into the game. I worked on my A's trivia questions today to give away some of the prizes giambizombie has dreamed up.

I still have two and possibly four guests lined up. One will be there if he can (he's got other responsibilities on game day) and the other should give me final word tomorrow.

Many of you will meet be able to meet Maya: Bill King bobblehead fan on Saturday. I'm really excited about meeting you! And so is Maya:

Sorry folks, I've received several requests for more Maya photos and I'm feeling especially happy this evening.