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Don't Phunk With My Heart

It's one game. Only one game. But tonight's game was absolutely, incredibly painful. Make no mistake about it, I really don't like that team in red. I hate losing to them pretty much more than any other team.

And tonight, every single break went the Halos' way. From the strike out/wild pitch to Ellis botching what would normally be a routine double-play ball for him to the bare-handed Harden attempt at fielding a ball to Vlad dropping a ball and then throwing out Kielty at second.

And we discussed this already, but with an 0-2 count to Coolio, why would they pitch anywhere near the strike zone? Harden got a pitch in the happy zone and boom, game over. I'm still convinced that Harden couldn't grip the ball properly immediately after taking that ball off his bare hand. I guess we'll have to wait and see what he says to our local beat reporters (as I mentioned in the game thread, I'll be avoid the national boys like the plague - Plaschke and Wilbon will be dying to talk about this one).

The top of the Angels order was the reason for the loss. Figgins, Cabrera, Erstad and Guerrero went a combined 8 for 17 with six runs scored and nine runs driven in.

And interesting note. How far has Rincon's stock fallen? He's mop-up duty now with Yabu.

Tomorrow we've got Barry Zito going against Santana's Evil Ways. Let's hope Z brings his A game.