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Kotsay's Pen Even Mightier Than His Bat

Don't look now, but as Oakland wins here, there, and everywhere, the A's are now 8-4 in their last 12 road games thanks to their continued dominance against Mark Buehrle and the White Sox. The A's are now just a hair(en) away from meeting their goal of spending the All-Star break over .500.

Perhaps the most important hit of the day was Mark Kotsay's...pen on a two-year extension that will keep him committed to Oakland through the 2008 season. But Kots' 3-run homer was a close second. There was much debating on AN about Kotsay's long-term value when the question was merely hypothetical. Now that an extension has been signed, how do you feel about the pros and cons of securing Kotsay for the next 3 years? In terms of keeping the nucleus of the A's intact, what will have to give--names like Zito, Haren, Swisher, and Street, among others, may come up--and will A's fans look back at this extension with joy or regret when the dust clears?

As for Chez Nico II, well, I'll let my many esteemed guests weigh in through Melody's diary, which should arrive soon complete with photos. Look for it, enjoy tomorrow's game, and prepare to battle the withdrawal symptoms associated with the All-Star break. Maybe I'll take up smoking.