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Seesaw Game, Fitting of a Seesaw Season

After an injury-riddled, horrific month of May, the A's looked like a sinking ship. Actually, they sunk so much, they were barnacles on the side of the Titantic.

It took a string of the A's going 22-8 to get there, but they are finally at .500 and they did it by going 2-1 against the best team in baseball and now winning the first game against one of the hotter teams in baseball (Toronto just took a series from the Red Sox in Fenway by whacking the ball all over the park). It also took one of the stranger games of the season to get there.

The Blue Jays kept coming back every time the A's took the lead. Stars of the game? Well, you've got to start with Bobby Crosby and his inside-the-park home run, not to mention a 4-6, four RBI evening. It's amazing watching this guy come of age.

Scott Hatteberg has been continually ridiculed for hitting behind Chavez (well, Macha has received the ridicule) but Hatte came through tonight with the biggest hit of the game.

Justin Duchscherer also flashed his all-star form, going two innings of scoreless ball to earn the win. Enjoy Detroit, Duke. You've certainly earned it.

And last, Mark Kotsay, for his brilliant baseball instincts in deking Russ Adams into an out at second in the bottom of the 11th. Never mind the home run, that play is exactly why Kotsay should remain an Athletic for several more years to come. No other current A's outfielder would've made that kind of play.

The A's have June Rookie of the Month Smokin' Joe going tomorrow against former A Ted Lilly.

By the way, I'm putting the finishing touches on my grades for the first half and will have the position players posted tomorrow after the game.