ANtics - Episode II: Trading Deadline

Working within a limited budget but achieving big league success has made Oakland A's GM Billy Beane a unique phenomenon - his every move or non-move dissected and questioned - championed by his followers, and maligned by his detractors.

This year's trading deadline was no different. Following the exclusive uncovering of Beane's daily calendar yesterday, this week's ANtics delves deeper into the pressure that surrounds him - ranging from other owners' expectations, to players' yearning to join the suddenly hot A's - who at times can seem to do no wrong.

After the 1-2 punch of Chadford and Byrnsie being replaced by Jay, Jay and Joe K, Beane stood pat.

As for the "Wanna-Beanes"?
Theo Epstein? Paul DePodesta? JP Ricciardi? Wear It!

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