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Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme Chose

You know you're "goin' good" when your starter gives up 12 hits in 5.1 innings two games in a row, and you come out of it with a two-game winning streak. What the A's are doing right now is executing, and by that I don't mean they are lopping the heads off their opponents (though figuratively...). Right now, the A's are making their opponents pay for leadoff doubles, walks, extra outs, absurdly botched rundowns in which every person who touches the ball manages to make a mistake. Even the A's outs these days are productive--Oakland produced three sacrifice flies tonight, which is always welcome news for those hungry sacrifice frogs. And while the A's did not gain on the Angels tonight, they did put distance between themselves and the Wild Card pack. 10 games over .500 and looking good--and you can interpret that last part any way you darn please!