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From Mychael Urban

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Folks, Mychael Urban wanted me to clarify where he was coming from last night.

So, here's his explanation: - Blez]

My friends at AN,

First of all, thanks to everyone who called in on KNBR last night. Especially baseballgirl. Classic call.

Now, I want to set a couple things straight:

The bashing of "chick talk" was entirely in jest. I responded to that effect to a post by Kyli, who seemed pretty steamed. Trust me, I know what AN is all about, I think it's a great site, and I'm totally with the people who point out that it's very easy to scroll past anything you don't like. This is why I "caved" to baseballgirl. She was right. I was absolutely being a hypocrite. And, I might add, enjoying being one.

It's sports-talk radio, and the whole idea is to keep the show moving, stimulate passionate calls and try to entertain. Sarcasm and over-the-topisms are all part of the deal.

Even the pokes at novaoakland were all in fun. To those who said it was uncool of me to call him out on the radio, come on. It's not like I used his/her real name. I'm thinking him/her calling me an idiot by name is a tad more harsh, but hey, that's just me. Either way, I'd love to meet him/her at AN Day, just as I'd love to meet greenNgoldgirl and anyone else who wants to debate the many and varied merits of Huston Street's gleuts.

The women of AN are a big part of what makes it a great site, and if I offended any of them with my glibness -- is that even a word? -- it was purely unintentional. But it did make for some good radio, and that's the whole point.

Thanks again,