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The A's ran into a buzzsaw of a sinker tonight. Jake Westbrook stymied the A's offense. He had 16 ground outs and only three fly outs. The entire offense was shut down, except Bobby Kielty and Eric Chavez. Chavy was the only Athletic to get past first base against Westbrook.

The good news is that the team didn't lose ground to either the Twins or the Angels tonight because both teams lost.

So the streak ends at seven. Danny Haren pitches tomorrow against Scott Elarton, who beat the A's earlier this season pitching six innings and only allowing two runs.

I almost forgot what it feels like to lose. Either that or I completely blacked out when thinking about May.

I'm working on securing interviews with a couple of very key folks in the Athletics organization. I'm hoping to have at least one of them up by the end of the week. And I want to remind folks that your AN Day tickets should be arriving in the mail any day now.