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B.C. There Was No Wild Card

B.C. It will forever be the landmark by which the 2005 season will be judged. It stands for "Before Crosby."

The Oakland Athletics have completed the long and arduous trek back from oblivion. The A's, who were supposed to be "rebuilding" this year, have now climbed into a tie with the Minnesota Twins for the American League wild card lead.

Now, this would be no big deal except for when you consider where the A's were before Bobby Crosby hit the field. I'm not going to rehash the numbers because they've been recited ad nauseum here and elsewhere. But no one can deny the impact that Crosby has had on our Athletics. From diving, spectacular catchers to owning the outside part of the plate, the Wizard of Croz has been the single biggest reason the A's offense suddenly started to go.

B.C., this team was a prime example of how the offensive philosophy in Moneyball doesn't work.

B.C., this team couldn't play defense.

B.C., this team couldn't score runs.

B.C., this team was in contention for possibly 90-100 losses.

B.C., this team was proof that Billy Beane's success was based on the Big Three.

But A.C. (After Crosby), this team has quickly become Billy Beane's Sistine Chapel. His greatest work in the face of tremendous odds. And much like many doubted Michelangelo's ability to complete that ceiling, so many detractors doubted Beane's ability to continue to win without Mulder and Hudson.

Well, step back and gaze upon its beauty.