ANtics - Episode I: Focus on Fundamentals

[EDITOR'S NOTE - I had been looking for a little while for someone to do something like Sunday comics here on AN. Thankfully, the talented Mr. Louis Gray stepped up recently and offered his services. I knew from his past Byrnes' comics that he had a knack for this stuff. So, from now on, every Sunday, LG will be offering ANtics, or our version of the Sunday funnies. Enjoy, folks! - Blez]

The 2005 Oakland A's are a young team, but their recent success has many people shaking their heads! How did they get to be SO good, SO fast? It's simple, really, and the answer may surprise you - a frenetic fanatacism for focused fundamentals. (Say that fifty-five times fast)

In this week's ANtics, some of the A's young stars, from Crosby and Swisher to Harden and Kielty, offer their own in-game lessons to serve as examples for other up-and-coming future Athletics.

Daric Barton? Kurt Suzuki? Are you paying attention?