GOG #12: Rollin' in for Cleveland--RESULTS ADDED

Here are the answers for the Texas series:

1)Series Outcome (Please specify exactly--four games): A's sweep
2)Third times a charm--Runs off Rogers: 4
3)Total Runs in Series: 51
4)No place like home--Street's IP/S/K: 1.2/2/0
5)Total HR in series: 9
6)Athletic with most RBI in series? Swisher
7) Better series--Johnson or Swisher? Swisher
8)Total innings played in series (down to the half inning):36
9) Worst outing by a Ranger starter? Chan Ho Crap
10)Total A's errors in series? 1
11) Does Haren finally get win #8? Yep
12)Day game in Arlington--Rich's IP/ER/decision: 5.1/3/W
13)Ranger position player to give the A's the most trouble: Hidalgo (hits wise), Teixeira (damage wise)

Here are the results:

Zonis 13
Nebraska 21
Secret ASian man 12
Alien 8
vignette17 15
Roscoe Parrish 12
FireballerHARDEN 18
ChavysGrl3 13
WhiteElephantGuy 12
mkt 14
ZeroIndulgence 14
dylan 18
streetfan 14
maxnelson 10
redruin 17
pbruins92 20
lexi 12
Carney4ever 12
Baseball Brian 19
Jjjsixsix 7
stevea 16
Gene Nelsons Mullet 12
saint 14
andyc 11
Steve in Napa 10
almost reggie 19
Brian in 317 15
BillybUcko 15
gigglingone 15
devo 21
athleticsfan4ever 9
arch 16
AsGirl 22 (winner!)
easyraider 14
Eric in Atlanta 12
doublehustle22 12
lurkerD 9
Kyli 17
OaktownPower 5
fadedash 8
gojohn10 10
Fongpay 21
captainamerica 14
FormerHuntsvilleStar 10
jlaff 12
F171615 14
angryfireburning 11
Donner 12
Force 13
Hang Man 14
EgolikeRickey 8

Here are the new questions. I don't know a lot about Cleveland except that the A's suck at the Jake, so here goes for the Coliseum series:

1)Series Outcome (Please Specify Exactly):
2)Total runs scored in series:
3)Who has a better outing: Haren or Blanton?
4)Arthur Rhodes IP/H/ER:
5)Better series: Jhonny Peralta or Coco Crisp?
6)A's player to do best against Sabathia?
7)A's walk how many Indians?
8)Any player hit more than one HR in series? If yes, who?
9)Which bullpen gives up fewer runs?

  1. Blanton's line: IP/BB/ER
  2. Chavy's series: H/HR/RBI
Deadline gametime Monday night