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Runs In Three Different Flavors, All Delicious

Of course, you have love 8.2 shutout innings from (23 year old) Rich Harden and a rally-monkey-silencing save from (21 year old) Huston Street. But also significant is how the A's scored their 3 runs. One run by productive out--Jason Kendall's sacrifice fly. One run by hitting with RISP--clutch single by Jay Payton. One run by power--long solo HR by Dan Johnson. On a night when Jarrod Washburn had a lot working, the A's had enough weapons to keep pulling away just a little more and a just little more, until they just--as it turned out--just enough to win.

Barry Zito and Paul Byrd tomorrow for the series, with Blez back to coax you through the tension. Hey, on May 30th did you really think you'd care so much about tomorrow's game? I didn't, and that, in itself, is a victory.