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Wild And Woolly, But Not So Woolly

6-2 hotties! It's like we always win by that same number of points! OK, I have SO much to say that I don't know where to start!

  • First of all, I learned tonight that unripe-cherry red is NOT a good color for my nails. Shari, you were way right. There, I said it.
  • What is it with this team and the number 8? Two 8-game losing streaks and now an 8-game winning streak. Well...8 for now...LOL
  • Poor Kiko Calero is not that hot, so I felt kind of bad for him that he had to pitch between super-hottie Rich Harden and super-duper-hottie Huston Street, but Kiko was SO good! Nico said that our pitchers retired the last 14 batters, and I don't even think most of them got on base at all. Our bullpen is as awesome as that pair of mocha-cream pumps in the display window at the mall. Hint, hint, Jen--and my birthday's coming up soon (like November).
  • When Carl Everett made the last out, I swear all I could think about was man-made dinosaur bones. I'm so serious--this incredibly important moment and I'm thinking, "Look out for those man-made dinosaur bones, Carl!"
  • I can understand the 10 walks and the 3 wild pitches, because that was obviously for strategy and I don't know baseball that well, but what was up with hitting super-el-caliente Eric Chavez? That's just mean.
  • Yay, Hatteberg--senior citizens totally rule!
OK, so I have to go and Nico will be back tomorrow, but thanks so much for letting me share this awesome experience with you, and remember: GO HOTTIES!!! Byeeee!!!!

-Cindi (with a heart for the dot over the i)