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At 'Em Ball, And Adam Ball

The title refers to two phenomena on display in today's 14 inning marathon.

  1. "At `em" ball: Dueling line drive double plays ending each half of the 12th , Young's searing liner ending the top half of the 14th. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than to be good, for sure.
  2. Adam ball: Melhuse. Here's a guy who is averaging exactly 0.55 at bats per game this year. Here's a guy who is occasionally asked to come off the bench and perform the task--hitting--that is more dependent on timing than anything else. So he's asked, not once but twice this year, "Could you get a hit so that we don't lose? Oh, and could you do it off of Danys Baez and Francisco Cordero?" Harden's fastball, Street's slider, Kotsay's defense, all impressive. Is anything any more impressive than what Adam Melhuse has done, given the circumstances in which he has done it? Gotta be the most productive .180 average in baseball.