AN Comic: Eric Byrnes - Super Hero! (FINAL EDITION)

Eric Byrnes was always a little different - the fans knew it, opposing pitchers knew it, and his teammates always thought there was something odd about the man they called 'Byrnsie'.

Just last week, it was widely reported that Byrnes had leapt "on a clubhouse table half-naked and perform a dance straight out of Chippendale's". But nothing energized the A's fans like his debut as Eric Byrnes Super-Hero!

Part One dealt with Eric's intensity and struggles against right-handed pitching.
Part Two investigated his darker side and teammates' odd fascination with his antics.

Now we learn the secret we all were craving - who is Byrnes' nemesis! It was Billy Beane all along! Billy Beane, GM Extraordinnaire (coming soon) used his own superpowers and transported Byrnes off the team and into sole possession of last place - in the rarified air of Denver!

The final edition of Eric Byrnes - Super Hero!