Random A's Highlight Videos Pt. 1

All files are in .WMV format except where there's an asterisk*, in which case they're in Real Media format. I recommend you right-click & save as and play them from your hard drive to avoid buffering.

1989 - Jose Canseco's upper-deck HR vs. Toronto in the ALDS (1.2MB)
1989 - The return of Rickey Henderson (2.7MB)

1989 - Game 1 - Tony Phillips 1st RBI of the World Series (1.2MB)
1989 - Game 1 - Dave Parker's HR (1.3MB)
1989 - Game 1 - Walt Weiss' HR (818KB)
1989 - Game 1 - Dave Stewart's Shutout (6.3MB)

1989 - Game 2 - Terry Steinbach's HR (1.4MB)

1989 - Game 3 - Jose Canseco vs. Scott Garrelts (3.4MB)
1989 - Game 3 - Jose Canseco's HR (1.6MB)
1989 - Game 3 - Mark McGwire's Defense (706KB)

1989 - Game 4 - Rickey Henderson's leadoff HR (3.1MB)
1989 - Game 4 - Mike Moore's 1st career hit (1.8MB)
1989 - Game 4 - Bottom of the 9th (4.5MB)

2000 - Barry Zito strikes out 5 (1.4MB)
2000 - Olmedo Saenz vs. Roger Clemens (1.4MB)
2000 - Randy Velarde's unassisted triple play (2.7MB)

2003 - Eric Byrnes hits for the cycle in San Francisco* (3.4MB)
2003 - Ramon Hernandez walk-off bunt*

The World Series clips are from The Oakland Athletics World Series DVD by Q Video. You can buy this DVD at the Coliseum or on eBay, among other places. This is a must-own for any A's fan. The 2000 clips are from an Oakland A's DVD called "They Can Play!" which you can still buy at the Coliseum out in front when they have that tent with the outdated and obscure A's memorabilia (i.e. Ben Grieve ROY Beanie Babies, Spring Training t-shirts, John Jaha framed baseball cards, etc.) The DVD is short and dated, but what do you want for $2.00? The Real Media files are files I downloaded at one time or another and had on my computer.

I plan on adding more clips, most likely from the 3 WS in the 70's, more from 2000 and any others I can find. I'll post a Part 2 thread when I can get some together.