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AN Day Update

Thanks to all of those who have bought tickets for AN Day at the Coliseum, Part Deux. The game is on August 13th, and I wanted to confirm that I have everyone's order who placed it before the deadline of July 1.

Below I've listed your screen name and number of tickets I have you ordering. Please note - the first group of ticket buyers are not listed here because if you ordered in the first group of 50, you should already have your tickets - if you don't email me immediately.

If you PayPaled the money and ARE not listed here, you need to let me know by Wednesday, July 13 at 12 p.m. PST at the latest as that's when I will be calling the A's to place the final order. It appears as though we're going to have quite a large group. 116 appears to be the final count. I also have three special guests lined up and possibly a fourth.

Here are the screen names and number of tickets I have for the second round of orders. If you are NOT listed here, email me ASAP so we can rectify that.

jlaff - 1 tik
baseballgirl - 1 tik
Apricot - 2 tix
McFood - 4 tix
alleninsf - 1 tik
ZeroIndulgence - 1 tik
Devo - 2 tix (one for Green N Gold Girl)
joe rudi is my hero - 1 tik
NomAd - 1 tik (for ohad)
F171615 - 2 tix
jb - 2 tix
Checkswing HR - 1 tik
Charles Hines - 2 tix
prana160 - 2 tix
paradox - 2 tix
billybucko - 1 tik
robb - 1 tik (courtesy of Nico)
jimmiefoxx - 1 tik
gojohn10 - 1 tik
Dirtbag Pride - 1 tik
Capper3 - 2 tix
kimnjerry - 2 tix
A fanatic - 2 tix
thebigbz - 1 tik
bear88 - 1 tik
Steve in Napa - 1 tik
Temple of the As - 3 tix
batgirl - 1 tik this round (2 total)
alaksa A - 1 tik
Ducts on the Pawn - 1 tik
Melody - 1 tik
Sslinger - 2 tix
LurkerD - 2 tix
FormerHuntsvilleStar - 2 tix
Rob - 4 tix
Hang Man - 2 tix
Zonis - 2 tix
easyraider - 2 tix

That's it. If you don't see your name here and you ordered tickets by the July 1 deadline, email me or comment here to let me know.

I look forward to meeting many of you on August 13th for the first time. For those who were at last year's AN Day or at Chez Nico I, I look forward to seeing you all again.

We went from 30 total tickets for AN Day last year to 116.