AN Comic: Eric Byrnes - Super Hero! Part Two!

The Athletics Nation has spoken!

With more than 100 votes in, more than half of you are demanding part two in the saga of Eric Byrnes - Superhero! You may recall In Part One of Our Story, Eric displayed a flair for the dramatic - sacrificing his body for would-be routine outs, going all out to pop up pitches that would be line drives for the ordinary hitter, and generally managing to keep his uniform dirty.

Today's episode, following our hero's 2 for 5 game against the White Sox, with a stolen base, delves deeper into the persona of Eric Byrnes - into his concerns and  occasional dark feelings. While lacking the over-the-top action of Part One, Part Two builds character! Isn't that what your parents always told you to do - build character?

Stay tuned for more - in the next episode, Crosby, Chavez... and Zito?