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Details on AN Day

AN Day is rapidly approaching. It's August 13th at the left field BBQ Plaza (NOT the BBQ Terrace). I wanted to give some advanced notice on the details of the next time period for purchasing tickets.

I'm going to leave an open window for two weeks to purchase tickets. Tickets are $31 a piece (one dollar added for PayPal processing). You can next purchase tickets for AN Day between June 17 and July 1. That will be the last remaining timeframe for people to purchase tickets.

How do you purchase tickets? Simple, I really need people to use PayPal because I pay the A's directly with my PayPal card. PayPal me the amount to between June 17 and July 1. Also, include your shipping address in the PayPal transaction. It will make it simpler that way.

For those of you who can't use PayPal, I'm willing to make exceptions, but please, please make PayPal the method of choice whenever possible. It will make things infinitely easier.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all then!

P.S. I'm working on the special guests. It might be late until I have word on a few of them. There could be several, there could be none. Stay tuned.