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Yes, The A's DO Have an Offense

50 runs in seven games. Yes, this is from the same offense that could barely scrap out two a game in May.

Well, not exactly the same. Dan Johnson, Nick Swisher and Bobby Crosby weren't really present. Johnson has an OBP over .400. Swisher has a .400 OBP in June and is hitting .357. Crosby has also had an OBP over .400 and is hitting over .300.

People, this is the future of our Oakland Athletics. Learn them and love them.

The other good news is that Kiko Calero returned today. The pen suddenly looks a whole lot better. Especially if Calero is healthy.

Ideally Rich Harden won't be too far behind.

Oh, and guess what? The A's are about to enter interleague play where they have done nothing but excel.

Times they are a changing.