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Simmerin' Joe

Congrats to Simmerin' Joe (not Smokin' just yet) on finally getting his first major league win. Of course, the best part about the win is that he lasted through the seventh inning.

There is still the concern that he only had three strikeouts, but perhaps this is the start that helps get him on the right road.

And Eric Chavez finally seems to be officially out of his slump. Over the last seven days, he has an OPS over 1.000 and has been stroking the ball to all fields. He's a steaky enough player that I'm not sure he's all the way there, but he hit home runs to left centerfield a couple nights ago and tonight went right centerfield. That's a great sign.

Also, congrats to DJ who had three hits tonight to raise his average all the way up to .267.

Byrnes also had both a nice assist in center tonight which absolutely crushing a Lilly pitch that is still climbing the stairs in left field. Byrnes is like the opposite of Eric Chavez early in his career. He murders lefties repeatedly. It's too bad there aren't more of them out there for him to take down.

Even the most hardened, pessimistic A's fan has to be encouraged over the recent developments over the last six games. Five out of six. Haren goes tomorrow against Gaudin. Let's make it six out of seven.