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Rotation Shakeup Coming or Psychological Ploy?

News reports were rampant today with news that the A's basically used the Ryan Glynn appearance to send a clear message to the current starters. Either perform over the next little while or face banishment to the bullpen or maybe the minors.

The shakeup started last night as Setherton was sent to the bullpen. Blanton must feel like he is on the hot seat today because he has been pretty horrid over the last six starts.

Jimmy Serrano, Steve Sparks and Dallas Braden, you've been served. Stay by the phone.

Of course, you never know if this is just a ploy to try and, pardon the express Steve, spark the pitchers.

It'll be interesting to see if Blanton struggles today if Macha does follow through with his threat. Not only that, what happens with Blanton, does he go to Triple-A or the pen?

Interesting times in Athletics Nation.