GOG #6: White Shoes >> White Sox--and RESULTS

Sweeps Week! Here are the answers for the A's second straight sweep!

Series Outcome (Please Specify): A's Sweep
Battle of the Dirtbags: More hits, Crosby or Reed: Crosby
Total Runs in Series: 25
Athletic with the best Series: Kielty, Crosby
A's total LOB: 23
ERA for A's starters (w/in .25 run for full): 2.14
A's errors in series: 1
Better outing: Moyer or Meche? Meche, neither were very good
A's player to get most RBI?  Kielty
How many saves for Street? 0
Do the A's make a roster change during this series? no
Do the A's score 10+ runs in any game: no
Team with the most SB? zero for each
Starter to give up the most hits? Franklin
Starter to strike out the most batters? Blanton


almost reggie  8
AsGirl 8
paul 75 1
oaklandsi 4
Alien 15
Secret Asian Man 7
devo 8
Kyli 6
fadedash 4
Fongpay 5
redruin 10
high street 13
ZeroIndulgence 12
Baseball Brian 14
saint 5
Nebraska 7
salb918 11
peanut gallery 13
Donner 16
BigRed 13
Gene Nelsons Mullet 10
Xratedaldridge04 9
bigelephant 5
Jjjsixsix 9
Eric in Atlanta 10
GreenNGoldGirl 9
dylan 7
Robb 6
gigglingone 10
ChavysGrl3 16
mdl 3
FabulousG 7
Dirtbag Pride 19
Former Huntsville Star 14
Colorado Fan 14
mkt 10
NicoleG 6
Oaktown Power 7
robertmelvin 4
BillybUcko 11
doublehustle 5
gojohn10 11
ChavyFan03 9
Json433 4
arch 9
jlaff 10
Steve in Napa 4
cutthemullet 7
sslinger 11
easyraider 5
Brian in 317 6
Hang Man 9

LEts beat those White Sox!

1)Series Outcome (please specify):
2)Closer to First place on Sunday: A's or Twins?
3)Strikeouts for Harden:
4)IP for Saarloos:
5)A's player to do best against Buerhle:
6)Hits for Jermaine Dye:
7)Team to hit more HR:
8)Does Ozzie Guillen get ejected from a game:
9)A's reliever to pitch the most innings:
10)Battle of the backstops: Better series, Kendall or Pierzynski?
11)Athletic to get on base the most (not including E, FC, etc)
12)Total run differential in series(no need to specify teams):
13)Extra innings in any game?
14)"Put it on the BOARD...yes!"--number of Sox HR:

Deadline is gametime Friday.