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And the beat goes on...

Quick thoughts on tonight's game...

  • Joe Blanton pitched remarkably well. His streak started as soon as he started striking people out and cut down on his walks.
  • Bobby Kielty is on fire (and I'm not talking about his hair). He's hit .304 in June and it's great to see him hitting a righty. Kielty is second on the team in batting average sitting at .294.
  • Marco...Scutaro! is also hitting .292 in June. Scoot just continues to get key hits.
  • FYI...Nick Swisher now has a higher batting average than 2004 Bobby Crosby, who won the ROY award. Granted, his OBP is lower (.300 vs. .319) as well as slugging, but he now has nine home runs.
  • Two final things, one good and one bad. The A's finally gained a game on the Angels tonight and have Danny Haren going tomorrow. The other thing, and I alluded to it in the game thread, it was NOT necessary for Blanton to come out for the eighth. As I mentioned, I feel like part of the reason Mulder broke down was because of overuse. I know these are young guys, but still, play it safe - especially when you have a rested pen.