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Glorious Victory

Sweet, glorious victory, it's so sweet to make your acquaintance once again. I thought you had gone on permanent vacation, but I was wrong.

Once the injury bug decided to go inflict West Nile on the Braves, Dodgers or Padres instead of our A's, this team has experienced a big-time revival. Suddenly the offense is working in the way it was supposed to...Kendall is getting on base, Chavez is pounding the ball all over the field and Crosby has just matured into a player beyond his years (although his OBP against right-handed pitching is a little concerning - .306).

Chavez is looking like he will, and should be, the A's All Star representative this season. Kendall is now hitting .314 in June. Zito has also knocked his ERA down to 4.21 for the season.

And one other thing to note...the A's starters as a group, are tied for the best batting average against for the 2005 season in the majors. They are tied with the New York Mets at a .242 average against going into tonight. The A's young starters also have the fourth-best OPS against in all of the majors at .699. They also have the fifth-best ERA in 2005 in the AL.

I thought losing Hudson and Mulder was going to be the death of this pitching staff?

Sweet, glorious victory.