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Another Open Thread

Since you guys seem to be using my open threads like Eva Longoria uses men, I figured I'd do the prudent thing and well, encourage the behavior!

Actually, one serious note I figured I'd mention. Mychael Urban has a book signing coming up this Thursday. Here are the vitals:

Reading and signing with Mychael, author of ACES.

Thursday, June 30th at 7 PM

Lafayette Book Store
3579 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 284-1233

I thought folks might want to cruise by and meet Urban.

Now, go ahead and hijack this thread too.

One more reminder: We're getting down to crunch time for AN Day tickets. Friday is your last day to purchase them and then I won't be taking any more orders after that date, no exceptions (not even Nico). So, click here for more details if you want to be there on August 13th for the Second Annual AN Day.