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You Can Let Go Of The Jugular Now, Fido

I suppose the real story would be if you got 24 times as many hits as the other team and DIDN'T win.

There's really not a lot one can say about this game that doesn't speak for itself. Poor Nick Swisher has to join Ruben Sierra in a category (the only A's ever to HR from both sides of the plate), but otherwise things are looking up, on a day where:

  • The A's hit .511 as a team while the Giants hit .036
  • Rich Harden extended the latest run by A's starters 33 to IP, 1 BB
  • The A's made it .692 ball over their last 26 games
Before the season, I predicted the A's would go 41-40 the first half of the season, then 50-31 the second half. Of course, that was before all the injuries and I let go of all that in May. And yet...until the A's lose their 41st game, who knows? Stranger things have happened--today's game provides so many examples.