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Not On MY Birthday, Pedro

Quiz question: What answer applies to both of these questions:

  1. Why are you so depressed?
  2. Why are you so happy?
The answer: "Crosby's back."

When your pitching staff has thrown 18 consecutive innings without allowing an earned run, and you're sending Haren and Harden to the mound the next two games, things don't look too bad indeed. What a lift it is to get solid pitching from the back end of your rotation. Speaking of good back ends, Huston Street should be back soon, meaning that Duke won't have to pitch 5 times every 7 days.

But the best is yet to come...Blez sat down face-to-face with A's General Manager Billy Beane today and hopes to have at least part of the interview posted by Monday. Something to look forward to on AN--where even the off-days are exciting!