GOG #4: Giant Slaying-RESULTS ADDED

Results from Seattle Game: Standings to come after Giants series ends, so Sunday Night. Here you go, scores much higher this time:

These were the correct answers

1)Series outcome: (Please Specify exactly)A's 3/4
2)Does Street get any action? (baseball, that is!): Nope:(
4)Athletic to do best against Moyer? Chavez
5)Best pitchers duel (which matchup does best):Haren/Sele 3pts, Zito/Moyer 2pts
6)Sticking with the Shortstops: More hits, Crosby or Morse?:even(two apiece)
7)Rookie with the best series?: credit given for Reed or Johnson
8)Does any player hit more than 1 HR (specify for 2 extra points):Nope 9)Seattle reliever the A's beat up on best:Nelson
10)Total Runs in Series (I Like this question):28
11)Most starts for A's at 2B: Scutaro 2, Ellis 2
12)Starting pitcher to walk the most batters:Pineiro
13)Which teams batters K the most:Mariners
14)And finally, does Harden get a start: Yes

Alien: 13
gigglingone: 8
oaklandsi: 13
kyli: 8
louismg: 9
OaktownTribesman: 3
Dirtbag Pride: 14
Json433: 15
Robb: 7
jlaff: 10
FoolshGame: 11
Nebraska: 15
gojohn10: 5
mkt: 10
Jjjsixsix: 7
Secret ASian Man: 9
ZeroIndulgence: 5
AsGirl: 7
Gene Nelsons Mullet: 9
Oaktown power: 5
Ohad: 13
baseballgirl: 14
Steve in Napa: 6
devo: 10
paul75: 15
bigelephant: 8
Colorado Fan: 8
Cutthemullet: 6
GreenNGoldgirl: 9
ChavyFan03: 6
As Fan in the NW: 11
almost reggie: 11
ChavysGrl3: 12
FormerHuntsvilleStar: 11
F171615: 15
dylan: 8
oakwin: 5
easyraider: 19 (winner)
mdl: 10
arch: 4
Hang Man: 13

I'm posting the questions for the next game early to give people more time to think about answers. I'll add the Seattle results later in the day.

Here goes:

Series Outcome (please specify)
You Guess the Attendance! Friday Night Edition(within 1000 for full cred):
Starts at catcher for Torrealba?
Giant starter the A's have the most trouble with:
Do the A's score more runs off the bullpen or the starters?
Durham makes an error?
Forced to choose: Better outing, Haren or Harden?
More hits: Ellison or Alou?
Total runs scored in series:
Athletic with best overall series?
Double Plays turned by the A's:
Since there are so many: Rookie with the best series?
Number of Stolen Bases for A's:
Total number of HR hit?
Kotsay extended by the end of the series (wishful thinking)?

Deadline gametime Friday Night