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Kotsay or Byrnes?

One last question and then I won't talk about Kotsay for a while (well, at least until after the game tonight).

For many at the Coliseum, Eric Byrnes is a huge fan favorite. A few here on AN also seem to love Byrnsie above all other players.

So I want to pose the question to gauge how AN really feels.

Who would you rather have, Kotsay or Byrnes? Because if Kotsay is dealt, Byrnes would be the one to take his place in center field, especially since Charles Thomas seems to be coming back down to earth at AAA.

I've attached a poll below. I know what I'd say, but I'd love to get AN's perspective because I want to incorporate it into an interview I have coming up.

Click on entry link below to vote.


Who would you rather have in our outfield for the remainder of 2005?

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  • 95%
    (555 votes)
  • 4%
    (28 votes)
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