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Meyer Close to Returning

Several of you got on Ray Ratto's case the other day about his column regarding the Hudson trade. He made several ridiculous claims, including that Juan Cruz was the "jewel of the Hudson deal." But he also repeatedly claimed that Dan Meyer was not getting better at all.

Oops, Ray did it again. He made himself look silly. Because according to the Sacramento Bee, Meyer is getting close to returning.

Dan Meyer, on the disabled list almost six weeks because of a strained left shoulder, pitched a simulated game Monday in what could be the final step toward rejoining the River Cats and the latest significant boost for the rotation.

Let's face it, Meyer is the crown jewel of this deal. Cruz was thought to be an important part of the pen this year, but that hasn't worked out. Thomas was probably going to be a fourth outfielder at best. But Meyer is one of the best pitching prospects in the majors. Had he been healthy in spring training, who knows, he might be a part of the rotation right now.

I imagine the A's are not going to rush the kid at all, given the fact that he's by far, the most important piece of the Hudson deal. So when he finally does toe the rubber again, you can bet all the dollars in Lewis Wolff's bank account that Meyer will be completely healthy.