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The Wizard of Croz

It may just be a coincidence. It might not be, but ever since our young shortstop has returned, the A's have gone 3-0.

I happen to think it's a combination of things, including bad Tampa pitching, the lineup switcheroo, DJ coming up AND Crosby coming back. But whatever the reason, it's something us A's fans have been longing for. 21 runs in two games feels really nice.

Also, Barry Zito has been stellar now. He's basically had seven out of eight starts now that have been very, very good. The one that he struggled was the Boston game when he gave up seven walks. But basically ever since he developed that slider, he's become a new pitcher.

A couple of quick, non-game related notes:

First, AN is going to soon be a community moderated site. That means that you will have the ability to rate particular AN users, and if you earn the status of trusted user (by getting a certain number of approved votes), your vote is weighted more than others. This should wind up making the site a truly community-managed site. It's tough to explain exactly how it will work, but it's going to be happening very soon. So be looking out for the ability to rate AN users. It's coming very soon.

Also, I mentioned this earlier, but I interviewed Daric Barton and Kurt Suzuki earlier today down in Stockton. They were both very candid and spent quite some time with me. I'll be transcribing over the next few days and will likely have something up in the near future. Stay tuned.