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Building Blocks

The A's are now 9-5 since their last homestand. Take out the whoopin' in Washington and the team is 9-2.

But the best news is that Simmerin' Joe Blanton is very close to being back to Smokin' Joe. He has 13 strikeouts to four walks over the past three starts. That's much, much better than earlier in the season when he wasn't striking anyone out. He had 16 strikeouts through all April and May and gave up 23 walks during that same time span. Not good.

The bad news is that Eric Chavez is apparently having shoulder problems. Let's just hope that it doesn't affect his hitting too much, especially since he was finally coming around.

And what else can anyone say about Huston Street? The kid comes in with the bases loaded and gets out of it with a double play. He's got a 1.59 ERA and has just been remarkable this year.

There also isn't much more one can say about Bobby Crosby either. Nothing. Nada. The kid has just been remarkable since coming back. Like a different guy who suddenly knew what he wanted to do with every at-bat. The maturation process is just amazing to watch. Sure, he'll go through a slump sooner or later, but marvel in his progression right now.

For the record, I loved Macha's lineup tonight. I would run this same lineup out there every night, although I'd switch Ginter and Scutaro now and then.