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Roadhouse Blues Are Over

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.

The A's have finally killed their Roadhouse Blues. And all it took was a tape measure shot by Bobby Crosby, a battling performance by Danny Haren and a clutch, yes, clutch bomb by Eric Chavez. Not to mention a four-out save by Huston Street.

By the way, a night after I said that our young players needed to take their lumps in order to make them better, this is what they did:

  • Swisher had a key walk that kept an inning alive.
  • Johnson had two solid hits.
  • Watson nearly left the yard.
  • Bobby Crosby continues to amaze and is proving more than anything else that the decision to let Tejada go is not the tragedy that so many are making it out to be. Let's just hope the kid is healthy. And don't give me the fact that Crosby could've just been moved over to third argument. Learning the major leagues is tough enough, but you wanted Crosby to learn a new position while finding his way through the majors? It's not that simple. It does make you wonder what could've been had Crosby and Harden been healthy. Crosby may not be healthy though, as he came out of the game later.
By the way, I know this might not sound conventional, but does anyone else think DJ might be a good number two hitter? Maybe Kendall and DJ hitting in front of Kotsay, Chavy and Crosby?

Regardless, it's great to see the A's finally break through on the road. Woo hoo!!!